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5 Benefits Of Tradelines

Consider adding tradelines to your credit report and in the next 30 days your credit score will be rebuilt! Here are five benefits of adding tradelines to your credit report:

1. Increase the chance of your credit card/loan approval

With no/low or bad credit history, you might avoid making any loan application or getting a new credit card because you fear being turned down. But if you buy tradelines wisely, your credit report will change even if lenders are considering your income and debt. Having an excellent credit score increases your chances of being approved and you can feel confident in applying.

2. Lowers interest rates on loans

You’ve seen those ads/commercials offering 0% or super low financing. Those impressive rates are not for everyone but only for people with impressive credit. You become one of those people if you add a tradeline to your credit report and earn an impressive credit score. The interest rate you get will be tied to your credit score and you will qualify for low interest rates on your credit card loans.

3. It makes it easier for you to rent an apartment and house

Most landlords and property owners use credit scores to screen tenants, and if you have added tradelines to your credit score, it will favor you. A bad credit score (especially one caused by an outstanding rental balance or previous eviction) can damage your chances of finding a home to rent. A good credit report will save you time and hassle of finding a considerate landlord.

4. It improves your chance of getting a job

Even though employers have no ability to view your credit score, they are able to see your payment history and a version of your credit report. Employers want to make sure you are a responsible person. They believe that if you pay your bills on time, use credit responsibly and aren’t overextended, it’s likely you will be a responsible employee as well. Of course, buying a tradeline will contribute to that.

5. You get better car insurance rates

Auto insurers are among the companies that can use a bad credit score against you and if you have a good credit report after buying tradelines, the auto insurers will have nothing against you. Insurance companies have realized that people with bad credit score happen to file more claims and so they are charged higher. With a good credit report, you will pay less for insurance compared to applicants with a poor credit report.



So, are you ready to improve your credit score? It’s an option available to everyone, but it’s not advisable to do it on your own. Seek the assistance of Credit Creator to ensure you get the tradelines capable of giving you the best result.

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