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Best Roth IRA Accounts 2023

Roth IRAs are retirement accounts that can help you grow money tax-free. But just because all Roth IRA's follows the same tax rules and structure doesn't mean every IRA provider will offer you the same value. As with other investment accounts, Roth IRA providers can differ widely on such things as platform capacity, educational materials, fee structure, and the types of investments they let you hold within your Roth IRA account.

There are Roth IRAs for Self-Directed Investing and Roth IRAs for Hands-Off Investing. Self-directed brokers will be controlled by you -- you will buy and sell your own investments on your own timeline.

Hands-off Roth IRA accounts are robo-advisors. These are platforms that will help you assess your risk tolerance and determine your investment time horizon, and then it manages your portfolio over time to maximize return potential. Depending on your investment goals and individual preferences, either could be a great choice.

There's a lot of options out there with some being better for you and some not. Whether you're looking for low fees or the best mobile app, below we've listed our favorite Roth IRA accounts below.

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